Wcufo Rules

Tuesday, Thursday indoor games

Be at the field at 7:45pm on Tuesdays and 7:45pm on Thursdays

Where: Vetta Manchester - 150 Enchanted Parkway - Ballwin, MO 63021

Wanna Play? Follow two simple rules:

  • Sign up by MONDAY NOON ( but after the Thursday game )

  • Show up (be present at the field) by 7:45pm (Tuesdays) and 7:45pm (Thursdays) The Game starts as soon as the court is ready.

No sign up, no play. If you are late, and there are too many people, you will not be allowed to play that night.

PlayerTuesdayThursdayDate/Time Updated
AlexGold4/28/2014 8:19 AM
BigSergei11/18/2013 6:01 AM
Boris6/9/2014 6:52 AM
Carlos5/23/2014 8:01 AM
Dennis5/24/2014 9:58 PM
Doug4/28/2014 8:36 AM
Eddy5/28/2014 9:14 AM
Emerson5/8/2014 3:55 PM
Evgueni5/11/2014 6:07 PM
Igor3/26/2014 8:52 AM
Israel2/10/2014 10:26 AM
Kolya5/3/2014 9:07 PM
Martinelly5/28/2014 9:54 AM
Michael5/23/2014 9:24 AM
Misha3/29/2013 8:47 PM
Oleg5/12/2014 11:12 PM
Peri4/28/2014 8:54 AM
Ricardo5/26/2014 9:11 PM
Richard5/8/2014 6:06 PM
Simon3/2/2013 3:50 PM
Trevor5/12/2014 11:53 AM
Vitaly5/23/2014 8:53 PM
WcufoGuest15/24/2014 9:35 PM
WcufoGuest25/26/2014 4:31 PM
WcufoGuest35/28/2014 5:06 PM
WcufoGuest45/29/2014 2:58 PM
WcufoGuest54/1/2014 2:42 PM
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